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13 September 2014 @ 03:04 pm
[FIC] I'm already there - Part 12  
Title: I'm already there
Author: jaejaelover33
Genre: Fluff, Drama, Romance
Length: Part 11/?
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jaejoong is seventeen, living in Japan with his parents and his eight older sisters. His grades in school are excellent and he wants to be a singer after he graduates. Yunho is his boyfriend, a tall, tan, handsome boy whom he loves with his entire heart. They are perfect for each other, the perfect couple... the only problem is that Yunho lives in an entirely different country, Korea, and they have never actually met in person.


Jaejoong could feel the warmth of Yunho's fingers through the thin layer of his jeans. The others touch burned, but he found himself pressing into it, stomach on fire. He'd never felt so... confident, and never so suddenly. Yunho's whole hand, now resting on Jaejoong's outer thigh, inched higher. So discreetly he barely even noticed. The heat from Yunho's touch was enticing, Jaejoong couldn't help but lean into him.

Their lips hadn't parted in what felt like hours. Jaejoong had let Yunho take control and he was so glad he did. The eldest of the two managed a fleeting concern as Yunho kissed him with such skill. Where did he learn how to do this? He wondered as Yunho caressed his bottom lip with the gentle tip of his tongue. Jaejoong melted, forcing back a smile and stifling a moan so the boy wouldn't stop. The thought vanished as Yunho's hand raised to the indent of Jaejoong's lower back, lifting him closer and deepening the kiss. Yunho's hand pressed firmly against Jaejoong's soft, bare skin. The elder squirmed under his touch, stomach burning as hot as lava now.

Jaejoong swore he felt Yunho smile. How cocky. He remarked to himself, but it almost made Yunho more attractive. He lifted his hands, that had been clutching to the sheets beside him, to wrap them gingerly around Yunho's neck. He pulled the taller boy closer to himself, twisting his head more to the side as his lust grew. Jaejoong clung closer to his boyfriend. With his leg pressed between Yunho's, the latter encased the smaller boy in his arms, leaning entirely against him. In a swift movement, Jaejoong was suddenly on top, bewildered as their lips detached with a soft pop.

"Wha-" The blonde boy started, only for Yunho's husky chuckle to render him silent. Yunho kept his arms loosely wrapped around Jaejoong's waist as he held him close. He pressed his head back into the pillows on the bed, maintaining eye contact with the other as he smiled lovingly. "I'm sorry baby," He whispered. "Did that scare you?"

Jaejoong's eyes widened for a moment, before he pulled himself together. Yunho was being coy again. He cleared his throat as he shook his head, trying to act believable. "No. No way." Jaejoong whispered back, forcibly smirking as he hoped that Yunho wouldn't notice. He hadn't been scared, only surprised, but he didn't need to know that. The doe eyed, innocent and inexperienced teen was gaining a new confidence, as if seeing Yunho in person was proof that they could actually make it. As if kissing him for the first time was proof that Yunho did in fact love him, just as he'd said. "I'm okay."

Yunho's lips moved into a soft smile, one hand raising to cradle Jaejoong's cheek. He let his thumb slide gently across the elders lips and he pulled him in for another short kiss. Jaejoong wanted so much to fall back into him. "I'm really okay." He muttered.

Yunho pulled his arms away, crossing them behind his head as he laid back. Jaejoong frowned and propped himself up on Yunho's chest with the outsides of his forearms. The taller of the two laughed softly. "I believe you, Jae."

"Then," Jaejoong began, pulling himself up into a sitting position, his legs on either side of Yunho's hips, hands firm against the surprising hard chest. "Why did you pull away?" His bottom lip jutted out into a pout. He was starting to feel nervous again about being so close to Yunho. Jaejoong breathed out slowly, trying to sound normal as his heart rate increased.

Yunho's superpower kicked in, he could always read Jaejoong's mind. No matter the insecurity, no matter the problem. But the smile faded quickly from his lips and he looked away from the blonde boys gaze.

"I'm just.. still kind of afraid." Yunho's voice was soft and slow, controlled but Jaejoong could hear the concern. He was trying to shrug it off, but it was something really bothering him. Yunho was still trying to comfort Jaejoong, despite going through something of his own. Yunho's fingers trailed gently against the sewing around the back pocket of Jaejoong's jeans. A strong feeling of empathy washed over the eldest teenager. He was finally starting to see a part of Yunho that wasn't so composed and he really liked it. Instead of being the one that was always scared over the silly little things, he could extend his hand for Yunho to take this time. The handsome boy parted his lips to mumble, "I've waited a long time to be in this very bed with you."

Yunho looked up at his boyfriend, eyes connecting with inquisition.

Jaejoong smiled down at him. "You're not alone. I'm afraid too." He whispered softly into the silence of the room. "You're very attractive, Yun. It won't be just you having a hard time... stopping." His cheeks flushed red with a mixture of emotions bubbling to the surface all at once. He felt silly, once again, for ever doubting Yunho's love and desire for him. In the beginning, Jaejoong couldn't help but feel insecure, he sometimes even wished that Yunho wasn't so good looking. That was such a selfish and ridiculous thought, but he could never get past the feeling of being undesirable. But Yunho was beneath him now, beneath his body.

Steadying himself with his legs, Jaejoong placed his hands on Yunho's cheeks, smiling down at him. "Let me tell you something that you tell me ALL the time." Jaejoong pulled himself forward, bringing his face just inches from Yunho's. "Stop thinking so much. Your head is going to implode." And the smaller framed boy pulled back, returning his hands to the others chest with a smile radiating on his lips.

With a comfortable silence filling up the atmosphere, Jaejoong retreated to the bed to lay beside his boyfriend. He let out a gentle sigh, waiting for Yunho to say something.

A few moments, maybe minutes, ticked by. Jaejoong could be just as patient with Yunho as the latter had been with him for so long. He understood how Yunho was feeling. Scared that if they started something, it could be something they couldn't stop. It could be something that they could never get back and maybe they would regret that. But Jaejoong wasn't exactly new to the idea of having his virginity taken away by Yunho. He'd thought of it many times before, with great concern and careful planning. He wanted this and he knew it. He also knew that Yunho wanted it too.

Yunho turned to face him, propping his head up with one arm. He looked amused, which was a pleasant change of pace. "Let's play a game, baby." He whispered softly. It wasn't a question, and that made Jaejoong anxious. Yunho reached his hand out slowly, his slender fingers intimidating as Jaejoong wondered what he had in mind. The taller boy touched a couple of warm fingers to Jaejoong's forehead, brushing away the fringe that covered it dampened with sweat. He smirked.

"How about," Yunho took a quick breath, that coy smile fading fast, replaced with a small inviting grin. "You let me kiss you."

Jaejoong's eyebrows creased. "Mmm," He mumbled a soft yes, nodding. Of course I will let you.

Yunho kept his eyes locked with Jaejoong's. He didn't say a word for a moment, that smile printed on his handsome features as he watched the boy beside him. He'd always had a hard time believing that Jaejoong could have insecurities, such a beautiful boy. How could he not see just how incredible he was? Jaejoong laughed softly and broke eye contact. Yunho's hand hurried to Jaejoong's chin, pulling it back up and forcing the elder to look at him again. Jaejoong's face burned red.

"Let me kiss you, Jae." Yunho beamed. "Everywhere that I think you are beautiful."

If Jaejoong's cheeks could have become anymore red his skin would melt. But Yunho's words must have been ice to the rest of his body, Jaejoong froze.

"You'd have to be patient, though." The younger boy laughed wholeheartedly. He re-positioned himself on the bed to be more upright, so he looked down at Jaejoong. Yunho was radiating affection, his eyes searching the others for permission. With a slow, understanding hand, Yunho reached towards his boyfriend to catch his face. He leaned down at almost the same pace to place a soft kiss on Jaejoong's forehead. In just a whisper soft enough for Jaejoong to hear, Yunho muttered, "I think you are beautiful here."

Jaejoong shivered once, spine tingling as he felt Yunho's breath on his face. The brown haired boy looked down to meet eye contact, his perfect teeth gleaming. "Okay." Jaejoong mumbled, but his voice was barely existent. He just hoped that Yunho had heard him.

He didn't need to worry, though. After all, Yunho was a mind reader. Yunho pressed another chaste kiss to the bridge of Jaejoong's nose, whispering those same words again. "I think you are beautiful here." His smile was astounding to the blonde haired boy beneath him. If Yunho could look any more handsome than he did in that moment, Jaejoong would have sworn on his life that the man was an angel.

Without a pause, Yunho moved on, leaving a few quick butterfly kisses around Jaejoong's nose, cheeks and lips. "Beautiful here, here, and here." He whispered. The elder smiled shyly. Yunho pressed a much deeper kiss to Jaejoong's lips and he stopped for just a moment to relic in the feeling of their softness. He pulled away again, leaving Jaejoong breathless. "Mmm," Jaejoong grinned.

A few kisses later, covering Jaejoong's arms, hands, fingers, Yunho pressed softly against the base of Jaejoong's shirt with the tips of his fingers. He gripped the rim of the fabric gently and he looked up to catch Jaejoong's gaze. Cheeks set ablaze once again, the blonde boy nodded slightly, granting permission and taking a quick labored breath. Yunho lifted one side of his lips to form a smile and his eyes shot down to focus on the beautiful unveiling in front of him. Suddenly Yunho looked like a kid on Christmas morning, eyes bright as he anxiously unwrapped his gift. As he lifted the lower edge of Jaejoong's thin sweater, the sight of the older boys milky white skin hidden beneath was more than enough to send his mind in a frenzy. All self control and patience Yunho prided himself of being gifted with was being put to the test.

Jaejoong held his breath, body still as he watched Yunho from above. The other was suddenly quiet, staring intensely at the patch of skin he'd just revealed. Jaejoong felt like he was suffocating under the pressuring gaze of his boyfriend. Maybe it was because he was still holding his breath though. With slow, concentrated exhales he started to breathe again, but Yunho stayed as still as a statue hovering over him.

Another couple of moments passed before Yunho moved. He flashed a quick smile up at Jaejoong to erase any concerns and his focus returned to the area of newly exposed skin. Yunho pulled the fabric of Jaejoong's shirt higher up his stomach, resting it a couple of inches above his navel. His lips were parted slightly and his eyes were bright and wandering.

Jaejoong let his eyes wander to the ceiling, choosing to leave his decisions to Yunho just as the brown haired boy placed a warm hand across the expanse of his belly. It felt.. different than he thought it would feel to be touched so intimately. They had much further to explore, but so far Jaejoong was enjoying the feelings Yunho was giving him.

Yunho brought his other hand to Jaejoong's stomach. He pushed the shirt a little higher, placing his hands towards the sides of the smaller boys belly. His thumbs rubbed small circles into the skin beneath it.

The blonde haired teen felt warmth, such a dizzying warmth right below his navel. Yunho's lips were hot against the sensitive skin as he pressed another slow kiss onto his body. Jaejoong looked back down at Yunho and caught the other boy staring right at him. Yunho's eyes were cloudy, but he could see everything he needed to see in that one look. The younger of the couple parted his lips to speak. Jaejoong felt that even that insignificant motion was seductive.

"You are beautiful here." Yunho's voice was so smooth, so low he could barely hear him. It was unbelievably sexy to Jaejoong, he was starting to feel hot. His body temperature was rising quickly, sweat droplets already lining his forehead. Yunho's voice had always been enough to turn him on. He could tell by the change in Yunho's expression that he had taken notice, too. A sly smile edged at Yunho's lips.

"Yun," Jaejoong muttered, maintaining eye contact with his ever coy boyfriend above him. "Where else do you think I'm beautiful?"

A low, husky moan sounded from Yunho as he gently gripped the pale skin beneath his fingers. He let them slide higher up Jaejoong's torso, never breaking their stare. He was beginning to feel his pants tightening, but Yunho was too aroused to feel guilty about it. Every nerve in his body was currently focused on the boy under him.

Jaejoong swallowed hard. He was feeling something he'd never felt before. Yunho's hands were so warm and so gentle, they glided across his skin effortlessly. Without giving himself another chance to decide against it, Jaejoong pushed past all of the doubts lingering still in his mind. He grabbed the ends of his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head. It landed somewhere close to the dresser Jaejoong guessed, but his lips were already pressed so hard against Yunho's he couldn't really think about anything else.

Yunho pressed himself into Jaejoong as they laid back against the bed, tongue already making nice with Jaejoong's inviting mouth. He could feel the desire and lust pouring out of the blonde haired beauty and it had to be the most intoxicating sensation he'd ever experienced. A boy that was so reserved and shy, always hesitant to agree to uncomfortable situations, was so willingly against him. Their lips were more connected than he ever thought they could be. Yunho's thoughts ventured into unforeseen territory and he wondered if this was something bad to be influencing upon such an innocent soul.

The smaller framed boy pressed his hands to Yunho's shoulders. A soft whimper escaped from between their lips as Jaejoong pushed the other back so he could gain the upper hand. Yunho followed his lead, much to Jaejoong's liking. His mind was glazing over faster than he could keep up. Too many thoughts were going unheard, but Jaejoong couldn't care less. He placed his legs on either side of Yunho's hips again, folding his arms beneath him and leaning into Yunho's chest to deepen the kiss. Jaejoong felt the brown haired boys arms circle around him and he smiled into the others lips. The warmth was such a good feeling, he couldn't imagine ever getting tired of it. His stomach was turning, he felt the heat of Yunho's body wash over him completely. It was unreal, Jaejoong's mind was soaring above the clouds. Their lips parted so they could catch their breath.

Both panting against each other, they were smiling. Jaejoong kept his eyes on the other. As his breath evened out, his thoughts only became more geared toward Yunho and the ever growing bulge now pressing eagerly against his pants. His nerves were dancing beneath his skin and the desire, the hunger he was feeling to be touched, to touch, was overwhelming. Jaejoong knew that it was something he'd never done before, the fear hadn't completely disappeared, but it didn't even feel like something important anymore. Yunho was just before him, waiting and watching, anticipating his next move. Just the thought of Yunho's expectations was enough to make Jaejoong lose his mind. And he did.

Much to his own surprise, the blonde boy reached his hands out, using both to grab at the hem of Yunho's shirt. He was just ready to see more, and Yunho obliged without any reluctance. It fueled Jaejoong's lustful actions even more and he pulled the fabric up and over Yunho's head, tossing it carelessly in the same fashion he'd done with his own. Jaejoong's lips parted in awe as his eyes set upon the glory of Yunho's bare chest. His skin was glowing in the white light of the room and Jaejoong could see ever curve and dip in the definition of his abs. His tongue darted quickly against the bottom trail of his lips.

"Jae," Yunho's voice was husky and low, as if he was having a hard time speaking clearly through his own infatuation. "I-" He turned his face to look anywhere but at the hunger in Jaejoong's eyes. He was overcome with too many emotions to think clearly if he watched his boyfriend looking at him like that. With so much need. "I love you, are you sure-"

Skinny fingers were on the top button of his pants, he could feel the skin contact beneath his waist line as the much welcomed intruders went about undoing the 'padlock' between Jaejoong and Yunho's pulsing lower regions. It came undone like putty in Jaejoong's hands, and the zipper followed easily behind it. With much slower movements, he pulled the flaps of Yunho's pants down to expose the top of the taller boys boxers. The sight stirred up Jaejoong's insides. He was so close.

In a flicker of a moment, the doe eyed teenager looked up to lock eyes with Yunho. They were so clear and focused, the gaze struck a second of fear into Yunho. He had never seen this side of Jaejoong, he didn't know if he was supposed to like it or not. It was a different feeling now.

"I'm sure." It was no more than a whisper, the words trickled from Jaejoong's lips and he wasn't looking into Yunho's eyes anymore. He was watching, staring at the clearly defined bulging form in front of his face. Inches from his face. It was Yunho's turn to squirm under the stare of his boyfriend. He watched the other boy, waiting for his next move.

Jaejoong brought his hands back to the flaps of Yunho's pants, he gripped them for a slow moment. Just holding them, the boy looked back up at Yunho. "Trust me, I'm really sure now." And his smile was blinding, honest, and full of need.

Yunho couldn't really decide what had changed in Jaejoong, he wasn't sure why the boy had set his heart on this happening now, but he sure as hell had decided that he liked it. He liked it a lot, and his thoughts were silenced as the blonde beauty took a firm grip of his jeans. He pulled them, down all the way to Yunho's knees, revealing in full extent Yunho in his boxers. The evidence of his hardening member was so obvious, both of their gazes locked onto it. Yunho risked a glance at Jaejoong's expression, surprised to see a soft smile settled on his lips.

Jaejoong bit the corner of his bottom lip. He could feel his own breath quicken at the sight of Yunho nearly bare in front of him. He just... He couldn't help but want to finish the job. "Can I?" Jaejoong's fingers were on at the hem of the only thing separating Yunho's groin from the open air of his bedroom. His breath hitched as he let the question sink in. Jaejoong was asking for permission to completely strip him, to expose him and... And then what? The images were racing in his head, and he was taking too long to answer. Yunho nodded, "Baby... Yes." He chuckled softly. "I'm yours."

The smaller of the two broke out in a furious blush. He let his fingers slip beneath the hem of Yunho's boxers, but he hesitated. The moment was catching up to him and Yunho could tell. The brown haired boy chuckled softly as he sat up to catch Jaejoong's lips in a quick kiss. Jaejoong went to pull his hands away, embarrassment rising in his chest, but Yunho placed his larger hands on top to stop him. "Don't worry." He whispered lowly into the still silence. Jaejoong felt his heart racing.

It was the one thing he really needed to hear, though, Jaejoong realized as Yunho laid back down against the pillows. His fingers still gripped the top of Yunho's boxers. Jaejoong knew exactly what he wanted, exactly what he was planning. He was damn sure Yunho knew it, too, and Jaejoong's eyes were becoming clouded over again. He grabbed the fabric between his fingers and pulled without another second of doubt, and they slid down Yunho's thighs without an ounce of resistance. Yunho's throbbing member stared back at him.

Yunho sucked in a large shaky breath. The room was chilly against his exposed skin, but his manhood was hot under Jaejoong's stare. The other boys eyes were fixed on him, unwavering. Yunho twitched, anticipating what was to come next.

Jaejoong's tongue darted across his bottom lip again. He couldn't take his eyes off of the astounding image before him, Yunho was so hard. It made his own member throb, still trapped inside his pants. Jaejoong ignored it, taking in the moment. Yunho's breath was uneven, it was all that he could hear as background noise. He couldn't hold himself back, his hands reached out again before his brain could tell him to do anything otherwise. With a soft, careful touch, Jaejoong let the tips of his fingers graze the side of Yunho's shaft, rubbing a couple times up and down in swift little motions. Yunho knew that Jaejoong was new to this, as was he. They had a lot of experimenting to do with, and on, each other. But to Yunho, the soft, delicate touch of Jaejoong's careful fingers felt so much like cruel teasing. "Mmm," Yunho grunted. Jaejoong looked up at him, hands still gently exploring his length.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm being weird and doing this weird, I just-"

"Shh," Yunho hushed him. "Do what you like, baby. It just feels-" Yunho's breath hitched as the elder of the two fisted a hand around his cock without so much as a warning. "Ah- Ah, it just feels- it feels different when somebody else touches you."

Jaejoong smiled. Yunho was writhing beneath him all because he was touching him. He looked down at the hard shaft he was gripping and an expression of awe graced his beautiful features. Yunho's manhood was bigger than his own, he knew this already. It was just... much much different actually seeing it, holding it in person. It was hot in his hands and Jaejoong was getting more and more turned on as the seconds ticked by. "Yun,' His voice sounded odd to his own ears. Is that what my voice sounds like when I'm this turned on by you, Yunho?

Jaejoong wrapped his hand around the thick base of Yunho's cock, holding it firmly and looking up to check the others reaction. Yunho's head was pressed back against the pillows, his back slightly arched and his lips parted. "Nn," Yunho mumbled, "Yes baby."

But Jaejoong didn't have anything to say at all, he was teasing Yunho. He wanted to hear the others voice, full of lust and excitement for him. Jaejoong wasn't about to let himself hesitate one more time. He knew what he wanted to do now, watching Yunho so full of desire in front of him was flipping on so many switches inside of him. Without another thought spared on the idea of turning away from this, Jaejoong lowered his head, slowly and carefully. And just as he wished, without alerting Yunho to his plans, the blonde haired teen took the tip of Yunho's hardened cock in his mouth, flicking his tongue out eagerly to taste the salty skin beneath it.

Yunho's hand hurried to Jaejoong's hair, gently gripping the roots as his hips buckled with the sudden pleasure. Jaejoong released the flesh from his mouth with a pop and peered up at Yunho under a blanket of eyelashes. The lanky teens eyes were wide and curious, staring down at the creature he was hesitant to call his boyfriend. "You-"

"Did that scare you baby?" Jaejoong chuckled softly.

Yunho blinked, dumbfounded. "Uh," He whispered. A smile was creeping onto his lips. This confidence radiating from the blonde beauty was overwhelming, just as much as it was beautiful. He was overcome with a sense of pride and mostly joy. He couldn't ask for anything other than for Jaejoong to enjoy this, whatever it may turn out to be, just as much as he knew he would. Yunho gleamed down at the pretty face and then pulled his head back to lay against the bed again. "You are just, something amazing, Jae."

The elder of the couple grinned. He didn't give the moment another thought, his lips were on the others member and his tongue came out again to play. Jaejoong swirled his tongue around the head of Yunho's cock, taking in all of the salty, sweet flavors of the man he had fallen so in love with. He dipped the tip of his tongue into the hole at the end of Yunho's shaft, earning a low moan from the other. Jaejoong gripped the base of his cock again and wrapped his lips tightly against the smooth skin, pushing the shaft a little deeper into the caverns of his mouth. Yunho pushed his hips up and his fingers folded into the boys golden locks. He was losing his composure, and Jaejoong couldn't have been more pleased.

"Mmm," Jaejoong mumbled against Yunho's cock. The vibrations sent shock waves down Yunho's spine, his groans indicating the pleasure he was experiencing. Jaejoong wanted to give him more, and he pressed his tongue to the bottom side of Yunho's pulsing manhood and sucked. Hard. Yunho's hands fisted his hair, pulling hard, but Jaejoong didn't feel the pain. Yunho's heavy grunts were music to his ears.

Jaejoong lapped at Yunho's cock, taking the whole thing in his mouth and sucking, and then releasing to lick trails up and down the length of his shaft. He stole glances at the pleasure written so evidently in Yunho's expression and he gleamed. Yunho's moans were making him so hard and Jaejoong wanted to go on pleasing him forever. Before the intentions could stick, Yunho huffed out a struggled breathy, "Baby, hold on."

Jaejoong paused, pulling his lips away from Yunho with a low pop. He looked up, his eyes confused.

"Mm," Yunho's mind was still jumbled from the intense pleasure he'd been through. He wasn't thinking clearly, but he knew that he couldn't rightfully sit back and let Jaejoong do all the work. Jaejoong deserved more than he ever did, and Yunho was determined to give him the time of his life. "I want to make you feel good now." Yunho explained in a husky voice.

Jaejoong blushed down at his lap. "That's okay, I was having fun making you feel good."

Yunho's heart was racing, faster than he'd ever felt it race before. This wasn't a side of Jaejoong that he saw often. Just a select few times in the past, when they were separated by miles of ocean, had Yunho seen this look in his boyfriends eyes. Desire. Want. Need. Seeing it in person was more than he felt like he could handle. Yunho had full access to the most beautiful creature he'd ever laid his eyes upon. How was he supposed to control himself?

"Come here." Yunho whispered. He motioned for Jaejoong to come closer. The smaller boy smiled down at the bed, his face was as as red as a firetruck. He climbed over Yunho to position himself at his side and he looked down at the handsome man staring back up at him. Yunho grinned. He reached out to grab the other boys hand, soft in his own, and he pressed a gentle kiss to the back of it. "I'm so lucky to have you." Yunho uttered, the words quiet on his tongue. Jaejoong was just close enough to catch them and his lips turned up in another smile.

"Are you happy?" The brown haired boy spoke into the quiet room, his fingers pressing up Jaejoong's chin to meet his eyes. He inquired silently, waiting for the other boy to answer. With flushed red cheeks and a shy smile, Jaejoong nodded as best he could against Yunho hold on his face. He whispered an assuring, "Of course, Yunnie."

Jaejoong knew Yunho was filling up more with concerns, doubts and overwhelming anxiety as they grew closer to the moment. They both knew things were heading to unknown territory, and the atmosphere that surrounded them was feeling it too. Jaejoong couldn't help but be comforted that he wasn't the only one nervous. Yunho had always been so brave and up frontal, but he was feeling the pressure now, too.

The blonde boy grabbed at Yunho's wrists, pulling both of them down to rest on his thighs. He looked at the handsome face before him and the butterflies were restless in his stomach. Jaejoong could feel it about to happen, he could see the moment right in front of him and he wasn't nearly as scared as he thought that he would be. Yunho was with him, and he loved the boy more than he loved anybody else. He had made it here just to be with him. Jaejoong took in a sharp breath, clearing his head of the doubts, the fear and hushing his bouncing nerves. He smiled then, a warm and inviting smile, and he looked at Yunho with all the love in the world. "I'm happy, Yun. I'm so happy I could die right now. I want this. I'm so lucky to have you, because I don't think anybody else in the whole world could have as much patience to deal with me than you've shown. I'm ready."

Yunho blinked a couple of times. He was taken aback by Jaejoong's sudden declaration, but his appreciation for it soon melted his insecurities away. All he could see was the gorgeous face staring back at him and then he was kissing those soft, pink lips. They felt like silk under his tongue. He wanted so much to see Jaejoong right now, but the moment felt so much better with his eyes closed and his arms around that slender waist. He pushed Jaejoong back against the bed, his arm supporting his own weight at the side of him. Yunho pressed his hand flat on Jaejoong's chest, and his hand moved down, reaching the top hem of Jaejoong's pants. The button was under his touch the next second. Yunho held it between his fingers and he pulled away from the kiss to make eye contact with his boyfriend. It was just the last confirmation Yunho needed before he pulled the button undone.

Jaejoong placed his hand against Yunho's bare chest. His touch was warm and soft, Yunho felt a shiver creep down his spine. He pressed a slow kiss against the pretty boys temple and before he lost his nerve again, Yunho pulled away. He grabbed the top of Jaejoong's pants and glancing once again to check Jaejoong's reaction, he pulled the pair of jeans down smoothly against the soft skin beneath them. He debated for only a second if he should leave the thin coverage of others remaining boxers in tact, but without even a moment more of hesitation he pulled them down to meet the pants rumpled at Jaejoong's knees. Jaejoong's erection was bared for Yunho to see. His eyes were drawn to it like a magnet.

"Nn," Jaejoong mumbled under his breath as air hit his exposed and throbbing member. There was an unknown breeze circulating around the room, unknown until his most sensitive organ was on display for Yunho to devour with his eyes. The thought occurred to him in that moment, he should have felt self conscious and awkward under Yunho's curious eyes. He didn't though. All Jaejoong felt was the pulsing in the center of his body, and the intoxicating heat that it was producing.

Yunho reached his slender fingers out to touch the boy before him. He wanted to feel the soft skin of Jaejoong's manhood under his fingertips. As he made contact with Jaejoong's shaft, the boy shivered under his touch, just as he had done himself. Yunho smirked.

"Ah, Yun." The elder of the two breathed. "Yunnie, let's..."

Yunho peered up with half focused eyes. His concentration was on pale skin under his touch, he couldn't think about anything else. Jaejoong's voice was ringing in his ears, but he couldn't make out the words.

"Yunho," Jaejoong's voice was shaky now as Yunho's fingers rubbed gentle circles around the base and up the shaft of Jaejoong's erection, making the hardened member throb in his hand. He took in a quivering breath, trying desperately to contain himself. He didn't want to give in to Yunho's teasing, or at least teasing is what it felt like! Jaejoong wanted to- "Yunho, please," He whispered. "Let's make love."

The words took a couple of seconds to reach Yunho's ears, a couple more to sink in. His hands retracted and his eyes shot up to see into Jaejoong's own. The boy was staring back at him, a soft smile adorned his features. He wasn't joking.

"Make love?" Yunho repeated as if he'd never heard the words before. It wasn't like he hadn't felt that they were getting there, he couldn't have ever imagined the first to actually say it would be the ever so shy pretty boy upon his bed. Jaejoong was nodding, looking away now with that sly little smile staying plastered on his fleshy pink lips. Yunho was more surprised than anything, but he soon became light-headed from just the thought of making love to his boyfriend. For the first time. For both of them. He couldn't fathom it now, but here this beautiful creature was, asking him for it. How could he disagree?

A soft chuckled sounded through the room, Jaejoong's voice quiet, but joyful. He sounded as if he didn't have a care in the world and Yunho could see that that was the truth. Jaejoong was perfectly happy, comfortable. It was astounding how the tables had turned on him, he'd always imagined that he would be the calm and collected one. But nonetheless, they were doing this. They were doing this right now.

Yunho leaned back. He couldn't help himself, he had to take in the moment. Absorb it so his thoughts could catch up and he wouldn't make a fool of himself. This wasn't a small matter, it had to be perfect. Jaejoong was looking at him with those big curious eyes. Yunho dragged himself off the bed, wondering now if he had anything prepared for something like sex to happen between them on the first day they were actually meeting. Lube, he definitely had lube. Yunho kept a personal tube in his bedside drawers, he found it much more pleasurable than just going at it dry. "Ah," Yunho grumbled and he realized what he was missing. "Condoms.."

Jaejoong wrapped dainty fingers around his wrist, pulling Yunho back onto the bed with him. He smiled. "It's okay." The blonde boy whispered. "It's our first time, isn't it?"

Yunho nodded, but his insides were churning. He could feel the guilt and anxiety surfacing and he tried to push it down. It was their first time. What could happen? Yunho was assured in the fact that Jaejoong trusted him. He knew Jaejoong would never be so close to him if he didn't. He also felt relieved that he'd been prepared with lube.

The two stared at each other for a moment. The air in the room was thick with tension and nerves. Yunho leaned forward, tugging open the top drawer of his bedside table and reaching in to grab the tube. He tossed it down on the bed and it landed beside Jaejoong. The blonde boy glanced down at it and then looked back up to make eye contact again. He was still smiling. It was contagious, but Yunho was also getting really excited. He didn't know how things would play out between them. Would it be messy? Would it go smoothly, be enjoyable? He'd done his research, but even an armature could understand that not everything follows the rules step by step. Especially something as intimate as sex.

"Yunnie," Jaejoong breathed. He was taking on a new confidence, much to his own personal satisfaction. He'd spent a large portion of his life being terrified by intimacy, but Yunho had yanked him out of his shell so fast he wondered how his head was still attached. Being loved so deeply and evidently by another person really gives you a hearty feeling of self worth. He was as ready now as he would ever be. Jaejoong reached his fingers out to clasp behind Yunho's neck and he pulled the boy to him, taking his lips in for another kiss.

He flicked his tongue against the taller boys lips, obtaining entry and pushing it in. He wrapped his tongue around Yunho's own and he led it into his own mouth, letting his lips circle around it. Yunho tasted like cinnamon, sweet and spicy. It was enticing and Jaejoong could feel the pleasure rising again, his stomach hot with lust for the other boy. He arched his back and swiveled his head to the side, pressing deeper and closer into the kiss. Jaejoong swirled his tongue around Yunho's. Their teeth clinked together.

Yunho could feel himself stiffening again, every move the blonde boy made making his head spin. His fingers were on Jaejoong's bare hip, tracing around the taut skin on his protruding hip bone. Jaejoong squirmed under his touch, Yunho smiled into his lips. He let his fingers trail down to the boys soft, pale thigh and he teased the skin, moving closer to Jaejoong's setting erection.

The smaller boy pulled away from the kiss, reaching to grab Yunho's hand. He brought the criminal fingers to his lips and pressed a series of soft kisses to each one of them. "I want you." His voice was just a whisper. His eyes weren't looking at him, instead focusing on the hand he held in his own, but Yunho could still hear the need. He could feel the desire.

With just that, his stomach on fire and his heart pounding in his chest, Yunho placed a chaste kiss to the smaller boys forehead. He smiled down at him as he pulled away, taking to the near end of the bed. Yunho positioned himself at the side of Jaejoong's legs, his eyes were on Jaejoong's. "I love you." Yunho murmured. The other boy gleamed and whispered again, "I love you, too."

The blonde boy fumbled his hand around beside him in search of the tube Yunho had brought out. He wrapped his fingers around it, presenting it to the boy before him. Yunho took it from him and smirked. "You're so anxious." He commented, his voice gentle. Jaejoong pulled his legs in, closer to his body so Yunho could have space to get in between them. It was an odd feeling, being bare naked in front of another person, but it felt so erotic. Jaejoong was biting his lip. "Maybe a little." A teasing smile graced his features.

"Mmm," Yunho purred. His manhood was throbbing, begging to be touched but he had to make himself wait. Jaejoong was so important to him, the last thing he could possibly allow himself to do was to let him feel pain. "Do you want me to touch you?"

Jaejoong let his legs branch out on either side of Yunho. He nodded and looked up at the other, his eyes blazing. "Yes, Yunnie. Touch me."

Jaejoong's eyes were on him, he could feel the boys stare. Looking down at his lap, Yunho wondered if he looked worried, he felt worried. Anything and everything could go wrong for them. Having sex for the first time was a scary thing. Having sex for the first time when you're not ready is even more terrifying. Yunho loved this boy, with all his heart and more. His heart was pounding harder and faster as the moments flew by. Yunho took in a deep breath, exhaling slowly and relaxing his jaw. This was okay. This was good.

The taller of the two placed his concentration on the body before him. Jaejoong had a beautiful body, splayed out so seductively, all for Yunho. His head was tilted back into the pillows, his hands sitting still on his stomach. His pretty, pale skin was flushed pink and red, lips reddened and still wet with saliva from their previous bout of kissing. It was a sight to behold and Yunho just wanted to take him.

"I'm going to try and..." Yunho cleared his throat. He wasn't sure how to announce such an intrusion. "Get you ready... for me." He heard the blonde boy giggle softly. Jaejoong folded his legs up again, positioning himself for Yunho to have better access.

Yunho moved up for a moment, reaching quickly for a firm pillow beside Jaejoong's head. He held the pillow in one hand and placed the other on one of Jaejoong's knees. He chuckled with amusement. "Lift up your butt." Yunho instructed.

Jaejoong's eyebrows creased for a brief second before he realized what Yunho wanted it for. He did as commanded and lifted himself so Yunho could place the pillow beneath him. Instantly, Yunho had much better access, and a much better view to what he was working with. Jaejoong blushed a deep red. He felt more exposed than he ever had in his entire life. It was something to get used to and the thought of backing out hadn't crossed his mind yet.

The soft click of the top cap on the lube bottle filled the quiet room. Jaejoong's heart was skipping so fast he thought it would burst out of his chest. Yunho let a generous amount splay out onto his fingers, coating them entirely in the substance. He was taking a little longer than he needed to, letting Jaejoong focus on the reality of the situation, just in case he decided he wasn't truly comfortable with them proceeding.

In just a matter of a couple of moments, Yunho's first finger was pressing against Jaejoong's entrance, rubbing gentle warming circles around and around. He was trying his very best to give Jaejoong some kind of warm up to the discomfort he was bound to be experiencing shortly. Yunho's heart ached. He felt, in the moment, it would be better to get the worst of it all over first and he pushed the very tip of his pointer finger into Jaejoong's hole. The ring of muscles tightened against the intrusion, nearly forcing his finger right back out. Yunho heard a small whimper sound from the blonde boy and his eyes shot up to check on Jaejoong's expression.

"I'm okay." Jaejoong smiled with his eyebrows creased together. "Just, keep going. I'm okay."

With the edges of his lips dropping into a frown, Yunho nodded. There was no going against Jaejoong's persistence. He didn't hesitate in moving forward this time. The slender finger pushed deeper, resisting against the muscles so desperately trying to keep it out. Jaejoong was definitely a virgin, the overwhelming tightness warring against any attempt at entrance. He wasn't giving in and in just another quick thrust his entire finger disappeared inside. Jaejoong inhaled a sharp breath, earning a worried glance.

Yunho popped the cap of the lube bottle again with his free hand and he squeezed another few beads of it to the tips of him fingers, applying it on and around the area he was trying to prepare. Jaejoong squirmed again under his touch. Yunho didn't know this time if it was good or bad reasoning.

The taller of the two took in another calming breath, and with a soft, reassuring smile he looked up at his boyfriend. "Breath, baby. I'm going to move it in and out. It'll probably hurt some. I'm sorry." Jaejoong nodded and leaned his head back again. He tried his best to relax his muscles, taking in one long intake of air and releasing it again after a couple of seconds. He reached his hand out and Yunho met it with his own, clasping their fingers together and rubbing small circles into the back of Jaejoong's hand.

Yunho began to withdraw his slicked digit, slowly and gently. He felt the boys muscles contract, trying to push him out again. Yunho stayed still, letting them adjust around his stiffened finger before he pulled it any further out. With a couple more motions, in and out, back and forth, he began to feel Jaejoong's body loosening up to him. Yunho smiled and caught Jaejoong staring at him in awe.

"You're so gentle." The blonde boy commented. He was smiling too, and he looked away, making eye contact with the ceiling instead. "Keep going."

Yunho blinked slowly, regaining concentration on his own hand, a single finger wriggling freely within the other boy. He'd have to get through the ring of muscles again, at least two more times before he was confident that Jaejoong was prepared enough. Jaejoong was taking it much better than he had even hoped he would, it was comforting to know that he wasn't putting the boy in agonizing pain just to have sex with him. He double checked to see if his second digit was slick enough to gain entry, and dubbing it well enough, Yunho pressed it close up next to the first, pushing forward in little sectioned thrusts.

The second finger was harder to push through, and obviously much more painfully. Jaejoong grunted and in his best attempt to keep quiet he bit his bottom lip. He eyes were screwed shut and his fingers clenched a tight hold on Yunho's. Yunho winced.

"I'm okay." The smaller boy whispered. His voice was raspy and he was so blatantly hurt from the intrusion, but dammit if Jaejoong wasn't stubborn. "Don't stop."

Yunho sighed, squeezing the other boys hand softly to comfort him. "Don't let me go farther than what you can handle right now." His fingers pushed on, invading Jaejoong's entrance more so than he could admit he was comfortable with. He managed to reach his long, slender fingers all the way in to the base after a few turns of taking them in and out. Yunho let them sit still inside his boyfriend, letting the muscles once again form around them, taking them in and growing accustom. They began to relax again him, Jaejoong's breathing filling his ears. Unsteady breaths, in and out.

The taller of the two swallowed hard. He wasn't sure if Jaejoong could handle another finger, wouldn't it be even worse this time? Yunho didn't want to hesitate for too long. If the blonde haired boy wasn't denying for him to continue, it had to mean that he was still willing to go for it. Clearing his throat, Yunho stuttered, "Just- Just one more, baby."

Like he'd been holding a big breath, Jaejoong signed heavily. He was blinking ferociously and Yunho internally kicked himself as he realized the boy was tearing up. He just wanted to stop, right then and there, but Jaejoong looked right at him. His eyes were wet, but they were the farthest thing from sad that Yunho had ever seen. His expression was so contradicting to the tears in his eyes, Jaejoong was smiling. "I want this. Yun, I can handle this." He chuckled softly, choking slightly but never wavering in his smile. "Just one more."

Yunho nodded. He felt so emotional all of the sudden. He had to look down to keep the tears from teaming up. Jaejoong just looked too beautiful in the moment. Using the access lubricant surrounding the area of his fingers and Jaejoong's entrance, Yunho slicked a third finger. This was the last time he would have to do this to the pretty boy beneath him, a thought that took him through. Yunho pressed the tips of his three digits to Jaejoong's entrance. He closed his eyes for just a second to regain his composer and Yunho moved them into the ring of muscles. He pressed past them, leaning forward and kissing Jaejoong's hand in his own. The boy whimpered, hand covering his mouth now and his eyes pressed closed. Yunho could see the tears streaming down the sides of his eyes, his heart ached. Jaejoong let out a soft, confined groan. Yunho squeezed his hand again, and with one last slow push of his fingers, he was entirely inside.

Yunho was still. He was hesitant to move. Jaejoong was blinking fast again, pushing away the tears. His mouth was open and his eyes were on the ceiling. Sharp breaths, in and out. Yunho swallowed the hard lump in his throat, watching him. Jaejoong nodded. "I'm okay."

Yunho wiggled his fingers slowly, gently expanding them out to stretch against the walls around them. Jaejoong gasped and then relaxed against the bed. He breathed slowly in and out through his nose, eyes closed and trying to focus on relaxing all of his muscles. Yunho pulled his fingers back, pressing against the ring of tight muscles. He held them there for a moment and then pushed them back in. Repeating this movement more times than he had before with the first two fingers, Yunho was starting to feel Jaejoong loosen up around him again. Much to his pleasant surprised, a low, nearly inaudible mewl sounded from the smaller boy. Was that pleasure?

Jaejoong's features had relaxed a little. His eyebrows were still sewn together and his eyes were still closed. His lips were parted. Yunho pulled his fingers back again, as if he were going to take them out. He let them stay still for only a short second before pushing them slowly back inside. Jaejoong bit his lip again, and Yunho wondered if it was from the pain or if he was holding back a moan. He grinned. "How does it feel, Jae?"

"Mmm," Jaejoong mumbled. He rubbed the back of his free hand against his eyes, wiping away stray tears. He glanced at Yunho under his eyelashes and smiled shyly. "Not that bad." He chuckled. Yunho pulled his fingers back slow and gentle still, pressing them back into Jaejoong in the same fashion. "Not that bad?" Yunho inquired, smirking a little when Jaejoong's breath hitched.

"It's not," The smaller boy began. "It's not as hard to... deal with the pain as you do it more." His voice was barely above a whisper. It sounded so seductive to Yunho, his fingers as deep as they could go inside him. Yunho's cock pulsed.

"But Yun," Jaejoong blinked up at him. "I want to feel you now."

Yunho's eyes glazed over, desire racing through his veins. He pulled his few digits in and out of the boy a couple more times, preparing him as much as he could before the overwhelming lust began to make him light headed. Yunho pulled his fingers from Jaejoong, reaching quickly for the tube still on the bed beside them. He squeezed another healthy glob of the lubricant on his fingers and brought it to his shaft, coating the entire length in the slippery substance. "You want to feel me inside of you?" Yunho husked.

Jaejoong clenched his ass cheeks together, feeling the abuse immediately to the inside. It was okay, though, he admitted to himself. Though the pain had been intense before, it had reduced to a minor sting. Jaejoong shuttered. "Yes. I want you inside of me."

Yunho placed his hands on both sides of Jaejoong's knees, lifting them slightly up to gain an easier view. He moved to grip the under side of the others knees, holding the pair of limbs up as he came up and positioned himself to enter him. Yunho took in another big breath, letting it go to calm down his nerves. Here we go.

The blonde boy lifted his hand slowly, placing it tenderly to the center of Yunho's chest. Their eyes met for just a moment and in the short lived gaze, Yunho knew that it was okay. He looked down again at his own erection, one hand coming to grip the tip of it. Jaejoong pulled his leg out of the way, relaxing against the pillows.

With all the care and gentle movements he could muster, Yunho pressed the tip of his cock to Jaejoong's entrance, holding it steady. Jaejoong quivered beneath him as Yunho pushed the head of his throbbing member into the inviting warmth, pausing every other second to listen to Jaejoong's reactions. A soft series of gulps and groans were all that he could hear. He hoped that he'd prepared Jaejoong enough to take him with ease. Yunho hoped that Jaejoong wouldn't feel more pain than he would pleasure.

Thoughts and concerns were trying so hard to distract him. Yunho pushed them away and in one slow and careful motion, he let his entire cock sink into the pretty boys tight hole. He prayed that getting the violation of it all out of the way sooner would make things easier for the smaller boy. The walls of Jaejoong's insides squeezed tight against him, almost painfully tight. Yunho winced, but the feeling was incredible, overwhelming to say the least. Jaejoong splayed his hands across the expanse of Yunho's chest. His muscles clenched around Yunho's erection, causing the latter to bite back a moan. Jaejoong's skin broke out in goosebumps, the sensation from Yunho being inside of him making him tremble.

Yunho leaned forward, pressing deeper into his boyfriend as he placed his hands on each side of Jaejoong's head. "Are you okay?" He whispered. The blonde boy nodded. Yunho was starting to feel dangerous aroused by the sight of him. He looked into Jaejoong's soft eyes. "I love you, you know that I love you."

"I love you, too." Jaejoong breathed.

Yunho couldn't hold himself back much longer. He pulled his hips back, slowly, watching Jaejoong's lips twitch from his movements. Yunho pushed his hips into him again, trying desperately to create a comfortable rhythm. He was slow, tender. Jaejoong was still beneath him for a few long moments, but as the rhythm started building he began to relax against Yunho, arms snaking around the others shoulders. He moved his legs to wrap them around Yunho's thighs. Yunho took the hint and kicked up his pace a little bit, moving faster and pressing deeper into Jaejoong.

Jaejoong was so insanely tight around him, squeezing his cock sinfully hard he felt like every drop of his blood was rushing to his groin. "Ah, Jae," Yunho blurted. He felt something hard against his lower stomach. Yunho looked down to find Jaejoong's manhood hardening, pressing against him. He felt suddenly belated at the sight. He was making Jaejoong feel good. Yunho wanted nothing more than that.

"Nn," Jaejoong's voice was low. He could still feel an uncomfortable pinch from Yunho's intrusion, but he wasn't feeling just pain anymore. There was another sensation, a good sensation. Yunho kept going in and out of him, quickening his thrusts, and Jaejoong was enjoying it. He was feeling pleasure, arousal. He felt the blood rushing to his own cock, making him hard again. Jaejoong reached down to wrap a clumsy hand around his manhood, holding it loosely at first and pumping it up and down in time with Yunho's pulses. He let another soft moan escape from his lips, catching Yunho's attention.

The taller of the two smiled down at his boyfriend. His forehead was beginning to dampen with sweat. Yunho gleamed, the boy looked so gorgeous underneath him, he leaned down to steal his lips in a needy kiss. Jaejoong groaned, taking Yunho's bottom lip into his mouth and biting it gently. They parted lips, breathing in each others breath, feeling light headed. Yunho could feel his cock pulsing inside the blonde haired beauty, he could feel his own climax approaching already. He didn't want to hurt Jaejoong, Yunho's main concern fluttered around his mind as his hips thrusted faster, harder into Jaejoong's. When he was sure the new pace was okay, Jaejoong's expression one of pleasure, not pain, Yunho threw his head back. He knew it was coming too fast, but Jaejoong just felt too good around him. He'd never felt such intense pleasure, it was torturous.

Jaejoong could feel Yunho's cock pulsing inside of him. He swallowed hard, knowing that Yunho was on the verge of an orgasm. Jaejoong smirked. "Cum, baby."

"Ah, J-Jae," Yunho stuttered. He watched Jaejoong with clouded eyes. Jaejoong's voice sounded like Heaven was calling out to him. His mind was fuzzy and hazed.

The blonde boy purred, "Cum inside me."

"Nn," Yunho felt a fire pooling in his lower abdomen. "Fuck. Jae, oh God," He growled, his cock delving deeper into Jaejoong's entrance. He was buried inside the most beautiful creature he'd ever laid his eyes on. Yunho sucked in a sharp breath, electricity running through his veins. He shuttered, lurching forward as his vision faded to black. Yunho felt his own hot cum expel into Jaejoong and he moaned loudly, shoving his hips hard into Jaejoong's. Waves of pleasure washed over his body, the taller boy shivered.

Yunho's heart was pounding. He stared into the eyes of his lover, a bright grin on his lips. Yunho pressed his forehead against Jaejoong's, their sweat intermingling as he caught his breath. Yunho felt amazing, he stayed still for a couple of moments, reveling in the pleasure he'd felt. It was easily the best physical feeling he'd ever experienced, and he wanted to take a moment to cherish their first time together.

Yunho pulled away, carefully pulling himself out of Jaejoong and staying between Jaejoong's legs. "Baby," He whispered. Jaejoong's hands was still wrapped around his own erection. He was moving slower now. "Let me finish you."

Jaejoong bit his bottom lip. His cheeks were flushed a deep red, his lips were swollen, he looked so enticing. Yunho placed his hand over the blonde boys, lifting it from his cock and bringing it to his lips to kiss the fingers. He placed the hand on the bed, positioning himself closer in front of Jaejoong. Yunho took the boy in his own hand, bringing his head down to take the head of Jaejoong's cock in his mouth. Jaejoong mewled.

Yunho rubbed his tongue up and down the salty shaft, engulfing the pale skin in a maddening wet heat. Jaejoong's hips arched, pressing himself deeper into the caverns of Yunho's mouth. His fingers found their way into the tufts of the taller boys hair, raking his nails along Yunho's scalp. The lanky teenager was trying to drive him crazy now, but he wasn't disagreeing.

Yunho hallowed his cheeks, sucking with added pressure. He wanted to make Jaejoong feel just as good as he had. He alternated between sucking and licking, lapping at the head with the tip of his tongue before swirling it around. The sounds Jaejoong was making was enough to make him hard again. Yunho looked up, surprised to find the blonde boy staring down at him. They made eye contact, and just as they did Yunho sucked, making the smaller boy throw his head back in pleasure. He tasted a new salty bitterness on his tongue, precum. Yunho pushed the tip of his tongue into the slit of Jaejoong's cock, the boy jerked beneath him. Yunho wrapped his lips around it, pushing his head down, letting the tip of Jaejoong's erection hit the back of his throat. Jaejoong pleaded, "Yes, Yunnie. Please keep doing that!" He thrust his hips up, forcing his cock to his Yunho's gag reflex. Yunho pushed past it and bobbed his head up and down, faster, sucking harder.

The blonde boy was pulling at his hair, gripping the roots like his life depended on it. His head was pressed hard back into the pillows, hips moving up and down to meet the rhythm of Yunho's mouth. He felt his knees buckling, seeing stars as he was reaching his own orgasm. Jaejoong let out a strangled moan, quaking from the pure bliss. "Yun!" Jaejoong cried out, his cock spasming as he ejaculated his seed into Yunho's mouth. Yunho swallowed it down with more ease than he thought he would. Smiling, the taller boy pulled away, watching with a gleam in his eyes as Jaejoong fell limp against the bed. He collapsed beside him, pulling the smaller boy into his arms.

Yunho smelled musky with sweat, something Jaejoong didn't mind in the least. He circled his arms around the latters bare waist and nuzzled himself close into the safety of his embrace. "We did it." He whispered.

Yunho chuckled softly. He pressed a long, slow kiss to Jaejoong's wet fringe. "We did it." He whispered back.

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