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03 March 2010 @ 09:50 pm
[fic] the way we change - part 20  
Title: The way we change
Author: [info]jaejaelover33
Rating: PG
Pairing: YunJae,
Genre: angst, drama
Length: 20/20 Last part~
Summary: Yunho is the popular kid, the one everyone looks up to. The one everyone worships and chases after. He lives normally, as normal as any jock could. But when the new kid comes to school, Kim Jaejoong, life as he knew it stops, hits reverse, and turns Yunho's world upside down.

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I wouldn't take my eyes off of Jaejoong for the rest of the day. We stayed inside, even though the weather was staring to warm up. I just needed to be with him, to watch him and make sure everything was alright, that Jaejoong was safe.

I rejoiced when I heard that Jaejoong's mother was locked up behind bars officially. Though I was still worried, about little things I guess I would always be worried over, I smiled, thankful that Jaejoong was safe from the evil women. Forever. But when the police officer that had put her in cuffs told me over the phone, Jaejoong and I snuggled close together under a fuzzy blue blanket, and Jaejoong didn't say anything, I didn't hesitate to quickly thank the officer and bid him a rushed goodbye. It was hard for Jaejoong, something I had seemed to forget. His whole past had been discovered and now his mother, the women who had been with him his whole life, no matter how horrible she'd treated him, was behind bars.

I rested my chin on Jaejoong's hair, the soft strands tickling my skin. I moved again to place a long kiss to Jaejoong's temple and I smiled at the pretty boy. "Are you warm?"

Jaejoong looked up at me, his eyes big, a trait I had come to obsess over. I couldn't stop myself from getting lost in their deep brown and a familiar, lovely feeling made my stomach lurch. I smiled. 

Jaejoong nodded. "I'm warm, thank you."

He looked so delicate at that moment, like I could of broken him if I touched him too hard. His eyes were sad as they met mine, but I could see he was trying his hardest to just be happy, to take into his own knowledge and let it sink in that he was safe. No more pain. No more abuse.

No more mother.

Jaejoong looked away before his eyes filled with tears. He could of tried to hide it and pass it off as something like allergies, or dust in his eyes, (even though I wouldn't of believed it for a second) but he pressed himself against me, silently begging to be comforted. And I pulled him into my lap and held his small shaking body, his sorrowful tears soaking my shirt.

I couldn't possibly understand the pain he was feeling. I'd grown up with a mother that adored me and found even the thought of laying a hurtful hand on me repulsive. And it didn't make sense to me, how he could be sad over someone who had caused him pain for so many years. But the women was his mother, and I guess that kind of title just came with some kind of love, even though in my opinion she didn't deserve to be called a mother at all. She didn't deserve Jaejoong's love, or his tears, or his sorrow.

Jaejoong's sobs broke my heart. I pulled him gently up against me. I searched my mind desperately for something to say that may bring him some comfort, but I came up empty and I hated myself for it.

I lamely shushed him with soft spoken words like, "Please don't cry, Jaejoongie." and, "Everything is alright now."

After a while he pulled away from me and looked up at me with that same sorrowful expression he'd harbored before. His beautiful eyes were red and swollen, but a strange hint of a smile started to creep upon his cherry red lips. In a raw, but still wonderful to hear, voice he said, "Yunho, can I tell you a secret?"

I smiled and nodded, hooking my hands together behind his back. It felt so perfect, him in my arms. Jaejoong safe. Jaejoong with me. I let out another sigh of relief, endlessly thankful he was safe.

His eyes twinkled, wet with tears. He was smiling, but hesitant. Jaejoong looked away, down into his lap where his hands were nervously folding together. "I want you to have me." He said, almost embarrassed.

His lips parted into a shy grin as he looked back up at me. He was so beautiful, so stunning. But his statement left me bewildered. I didn't understand. "But don't I already have you?" I wrapped my arms tighter around him as if to prove it, forgetting about my recent worrisome thoughts of breaking him. He still looked fragile, but he bounced between emotions like nobody I'd seen before. And he was happy now and I wanted him close to me.

He laughed, feeding my confusion. "Yun, I never would of guess you were so slow."

"Are you making fun of me?" I asked with squinting eyes. I smiled, though, so he wouldn't worry over me being mad at him.

Jaejoong watched me, almost as if he was waiting for me to realize the meaning behind his words on my own. It became a battle in a way, a staring contest. He broke first, tumbling into a quiet fit of broken-voiced giggles. "Yunho, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about."

It took another moment for it to sink in, for my brain to process the new words he'd given me to chew on. And when I came to know what he was talking about, my eyes widened and I looked at him in disbelief. "Now?"

Jaejoong's face flushed and he smiled again at me shyly. His slim fingers reached up played with the thin fabric of my shirt and he shifted in my lap. "Well, no. We don't have to. I'm just saying that you are the one I want to give myself to." He paused, moving to place both of his hands just below my shoulders, his elbows tucked in close to his sides. "I want to be with you forever, Yunnie. I just wanted you to know that."

I couldn't stop the wide grin that pulled at my lips. He'd actually said that he wanted to be with me forever. A huge amount of joy weighted my heart and I almost didn't know what to do with it. "Well lucky for you I'm yours... forever."

Jaejoong giggled and leaned closer to me to press a simple, short kiss to my lips. "Are you making fun of me?" He joked mimicking, pressing his forehead against mine. He moved to sit each of his legs on either side of me, his bottom pressed seductively against my sensitive organ.

I smiled. "I may be." And then his lips neared mine again and I eagerly began the second kiss. We pressed closer to each other, as much as it was possible and I felt a heat inside my stomach that tingled throughout my whole body. My fingers tingled, my toes tingled, and I loved it. Butterflies were tickling the inside of my belly and I smiled as Jaejoong welcomed my tongue into his lovely, warm mouth.

His perfect rear was on top of my stiffening groin, it was his fault entirely, and I moved my hips up slightly to create delicious friction that made us both gasp with pleasure. My hands gripped the top of his thighs to keep him steadily upon me so he wouldn't fall.  

Jaejoong moaned into my mouth and our tongues danced together. My eyes were closed, but I didn't need to see him to know how beautiful he was and it fueled my desire. But beyond my raging want for him I could still grasp my thoughts of worry. Are we going to fast? Am I hurting him?

I loosened my tight hold on him, but didn't let go. No amount of worry could make me let go. Jaejoong tickled his slim fingers up my chest, over my hardened nipples and he hooked his fingers behind my neck, smirking when I shivered under his touch.

It made me happy that he was teasing. I knew he was happy and it resided most of my worry just to know that he was enjoying it. So I devilishly decided I would seek revenge and I crawled my fingers under his shirt and raised the light fabric up to expose his lower stomach. Jaejoong whined when my fingers touched his milky flesh and and squirmed on top of me.

I groaned, the friction of his heat rubbing against mine making my now bulging member throb to be released from my bottoms. I wrapped one of my arms around his back to hold him, the other hand creeping up his taunting chest. He pulled away from me to giggle and to try to pull my hand away from him, but I didn't let him, only smiling cheekily and pulling him closer again. "You started this."

Jaejoong blushed and pressed his forehead against mine. He was breathing hard and I realized that I was too. We sucked in much needed oxygen, staring into each others eyes for a long moment.

"Can we go to your room, Yunnie?" Jaejoong whispered, feeling a little awkward out in the open like we were.

I nodded, immediately picking him up in my arms and situating him bridal-style so I could carry him. We stood from the couch, smiling lovingly at each other, and it was a good thing I could find my room without actually seeing to walk there, because I couldn't tear my eyes away from Jaejoong's angelic beauty.

When I reached my bed I set him down gently, not hesitating for a second to crawl over him. With no more words said between us, but a long look of desire and lust, I kissed him again. I'd never felt such a feeling, such a need to be with anyone the way I needed to be with  him. It was overwhelming, but so perfect.

Jaejoong pressed both of his palms on my cheeks and he pushed his tongue deeper into my mouth, pressing against my own forcefully. It was beautiful, the feeling. It was magical. I couldn't imagine how wonderful it was going to be actually making love to him. My length throbbed, painfully restrained behind the fabric of my pajamas, and I groaned into Jaejoong's mouth.

I reclaimed my previous job, lifting his shirt up as fast as my fingers could work. I made it just below his shoulders and I let the bundle of fabric stay there while I rubbed my greedy fingers over his hard pink nubs. He moaned into my mouth and I smiled inwardly. Sweet, sweet revenge. I pinched the right one, teasing him into a frenzied pleasure. He arched his back against my teases, begging for more.

I couldn't resist and I left his mouth with a loud pop. My head ducked away from his, but not before I caught the lovely picture of his pleasureful expression. His mouth was slightly open, our mixture of saliva dripping down the corner of his lips. His eyes were shut and he was whimpering softly from my touches.

I smirked and stroked my tongue slowly against his hard left nipple. He moaned loudly and his hand quickly found its way into my hair, his slim fingers curling around the dark brown strands. I slowly clamped my teeth onto his stiff pink nub and smirked at Jaejoong's beautiful reaction. I disregarded the pain it brought me from the pull on my hair, for I was too caught up in making Jaejoong squeal.

I wanted more though. I wanted to taste him further and really explore his whole body, know everything about my one and only. I didn't hesitate to pull away, a whine sounding from the beautiful man beneath me. I flashed him a quick smile before moving away from his abused nipples to kiss my way down his pale stomach.

"Yu-Yun.. what are you doing?" He asked in a small voice. I would of thought he was scared if he hadn't giggled and said: "Th-that's not fair.."

I stopped at his abdomen, looking up at his flushed face. He looked so erotic, staring down at me, held up by his elbows. I couldn't think of what to say, my thoughts too jumbled up to organize. My desire, my want for Jaejoong was pulling everything out of line.

He watched me, his mouth open slightly, his cheeks pink, his lips full and wet. I wanted so much to attack him with passionate kisses again, but with a gaze at the definite standing bulge in under his fuzzy pajamas, I couldn't bring myself to leave it.

I looked away from his eyes and laid my full attention on taking off his bottoms. It wasn't a hard task to do, the fabric sliding from Jaejoong's silky smooth legs like magic, almost as if it was fate for me to de-pants him. I chuckled to myself at the silly assumption and moved back to Jaejoong's middle to work on ridding him of his boxers.

I couldn't help but look up at Jaejoong's expression as I snuck my fingers under the elastic at the top of his underwear. He looked exhausted, but still so full of life. His big eyes were filled with amusement and love, and I felt an overwhelming pride that he felt such emotions for me.

I realized when he laughed that I had gotten caught up in his gaze again. I had completely stopped what I was doing to stare at him, his eyes so entrancingly gorgeous.

"Yunho," He whispered as he sat up and leaned forward to me. My fingers fell from his boxers and I quickly wrapped my arms around his waist to bring him closer to me. "Let's stop with the teasing. I want you. Right now."

Jaejoong's forceful, but gentle soft spoken demand left me no choice but to obey. I smiled and wasted no time with gathering his body in my arms and laying him back onto the bed so I could once again crawl over him. He grinned, pleased when I took off his boxers with hardly a glance downward. I couldn't look away again, his eyes were like magnets.

Jaejoong lifted his naked legs to wrap around my waist. He pulled me to him by the collar of my shirt, and I realized that he was almost naked, aside from his thin shirt he was still wearing, and I was still fully clothed. I pressed my lips against Jaejoong jawline, kissing him softly and then pulling away. "Do you want to do the honors of de-clothing me?"

Jaejoong's cheeks reddened and he smiled at me shyly. "That was a very bold way to say it, but yes. As a matter of fact, I do want to." He sat up, pressing against me so closely I almost lost my breath. I sat back on my heels as he rose up on his knees, his fingers immediately clasping the hem of my shirt.

He pulled the fabric from my chest, his eyes dazzling for a short, quiet moment at my revealed skin. But Jaejoong didn't pause for long, anxiousness obvious in his every move. He tugged at the elastic that held up my pajamas.

I tore my gaze from his busy hands, and I stared at his face, lips parted, tongue poking out cutely with concentration. I could hardly feel myself rising to stand on my knees to help him, almost toppling over because of the cushy mattress underneath me. But the feel of his gentle hands peeling away the fuzzy material of my bottoms was electrifying. I felt the familiar urge to kiss him again, but I didn't.

He pushed my pajamas, along with my boxers to my knees, as far as he could get them to go. I smiled at him, but he didn't see me. I should of felt embarrassed, I guess, his eyes glued to my now exposed erection, but I felt joy instead, a tinge of pride. I kicked off the rest of my clothes, off of the bed so they wouldn't get in our way.

"Jaejoong, baby," I whispered. His eyes came to meet mine, but then he shied away, pink on his cheeks. I chuckled lowly, amused with how cute he could be. "Are you.. ready now?"

A small nod was all I got in response. Before I reached out to retrieve the lubrication from the drawer in my bedside table, I kissed him lightly on the lips. I didn't want him to feel embarrassed for looking at me for I was his to look at!

Jaejoong settled back against the pillows on the bed. He let a small, shy smile play on his lips, and it was sexy as hell. I quickly squirted a fair amount of the wet, lotion-like substance on my fingers, spreading it upon the three digits I would be using to prepare Jaejoong. I felt my lower organ twitch with excitement. I wanted it so bad and the way Jaejoong was watching me was making me so much more impatient.

I forced down the whimper that was trying to crawl up my throat. I had to be careful with Jaejoong. It was his first time, and I would forever regret it if I hurt him.

"Jae,, I have to.." He nodded, understand and spreading his legs for me. I supposed I should have been embarrassed, fitting myself between his slim, milky thighs. I didn't though, it felt comfortable, and exotic to be so close to a man as beautiful as Jaejoong. I looked at him before poising my slicked pointer finger in front of his opening.

"Yunho, don't worry," He whispered, not even looking up to meet my gaze. With only a moment longer of nervous hesitation, I pushed the tip of my long finger into him, knuckle deep. I winced when I heard him whimper, and I jerked my head up to see his face. "Are you alright, baby?"

Jaejoong nodded, opening his legs more to welcome me closer. Instead of leaning into him, though, I pulled away slightly, just enough to see my hand for a brief moment. My eyes flicked back to his face. "Should I continue?"

Jaejoong opened his eyes, lifting his head up from the pillow to see me. "Yes, Yunnie. I want this, stop being so careful."

My heart pounded then, excited maybe that Jaejoong was so ready. I pushed my finger in further, as far as I could, still watching Jaejoong's face for any signs of pain. He cringed, but slightly, controlled and unconcerned. I loved Jaejoong for that, he always kept his eye on the award he would receive after the torture, and in this case his reward was making love with me.

I don't know what good deed I ever did to deserve Jaejoong.

I gently, slowly pushed my first finger all the way into Jaejoong. I didn't look away from his face, his head was back against the pillow, his hair sprawled out in various directions about his face. I would have smiled if I weren't so worried.

His breathless whisper caught my ear, "More, Yun,"

I gulped. i could hear the pain in his voice, the pain I was causing him and for a brief moment I hated myself for it. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt him, but Jaejoong looked up at me, his cheeks flushed and he smiled, so lovingly it almost made my heart stop beating. All my worries were washed away.

I pushed my second digit into Jaejoong's opening, faster this time. He groaned, his eyebrows furrowing together. I saw his finger clasp around a bundle of the discarded blanket beside us, but he didn't utter a word. He was strong, as fragile as he may look.

I pressed myself closer to him, forcing his legs farther apart and I hit something inside of him. A loud moan came form his parted lips, taking me by surprise. I looked up to see his lips parted, a sexy expression masking his features.

"Yunho, th-there~" He whined and I could feel him moving to push himself closer against my fingers. He groaned under his breath, purring sexily, so hot I could hardly stand it.

Abruptly I pulled away my fingers. He snapped his head up to look at me, shock and disagreement etched across his face. He opened his mouth to complain, but before he could utter a word I leaned forward to press my hungry lips against his own. My hands searched for the lube, and when I wrapped my fingers around the bottle I squirted a fair amount of it on my fingers, throwing the bottle carelessly somewhere beside me again. I spread the slippery lubricant on my own cock, ready, so damn ready to be inside of Jaejoong.

I grabbed one of Jaejoong's knees, pulling his leg up to my hip. He willing lifted his other leg to join it on my other side. His fingers came to my collar bone, his soft touches trailing around my neck. Jaejoong finally settled with his hands clasped behind my neck, pulling me closer to kiss. "Get inside of me Jung Yunho." He spoke against my lips.

More this way ^_^


leesayorileesayori on May 6th, 2011 01:23 am (UTC)
That was really sweet. thanx congrats for writing this
Mela_Cassiedione_8 on April 30th, 2012 03:39 pm (UTC)
Anneyong ^^
Dear Author...this story so awesome ><
I like this so much...I am so hate Joongie's mother, she is freak and touch Yunie :@
But this chap was so sweet...happy ending ^^
Thank you~