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18 December 2014 @ 03:53 pm
This next chapter (chapter 12) is 75% to 80% finished now. It took an unexpected turn of events that has delayed me significantly, but in the end I'm really pleased that it happened. I think it improved the quality of the chapter, so I'm really happy. It's a pretty long one, so please continue to bear with me and look for it. Again, I won't make any promises for it being finished today, though I am working really hard on it today because it's my day off. I'd love to be able to finish it up today, but the likelihood of that happening is like 50/50. It ultimately depends on if I can be left alone long enough to have enough time to concentrate on finishing this chapter or not. I'm easily distracted, a character trait I despise. Just please be reminded, again, that I will NEVER forget this fan fiction, it's probably my favorite. I think of it every day, work on it most days, and will always try my best to bring the best I can to making it enjoyable for all my readers.

I appreciate you all so, SO much. Every time I read your comments I just feel so grateful and honored that you take time out of your days to read what I'm writing. Thank you so much. No matter how busy life gets, I'm not going anywhere <3 I love you! Saranghaeyoooo <3